Alfred v2 Workflow Roundup

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the Alfred v2 workflows I’d started putting together for the beta. Since this means that many of the Droplr URLs have changed, I thought I’d round up the most current versions and post them here.

Many of the more recent ones use a Python module I’ve written called “PyAl” (currently on GitHub) to do their magic. This means that the code is very simple to write and HTTP requests are super-duper fast; unfortunately, it also means that they’re too big for AlfPT. I’ve asked AlfPT’s developer to lift the file-size restriction, but until then, I’ve removed most of my extensions from the repository. I’ll get a website for them up and running again soon.

Without further ado…

  • DEVONthink Note. Add plaintext notes to your DEVONthink databases. Dramatically updated from the v1 extension and working a whole heck of a lot better.
  • Kindle Bookstore. Searches the Kindle bookstore. This version uses Amazon’s search API, and so it should work faster and more reliably than the previous one. However, many simultaneous requests will cause Amazon to throttle my developer key; if this happens, try your search again in a few minutes.
  • Kindle Bookstore UK. See above, but add some superfluous “u”s.
  • Scratch Files. Writes a line of text to a scratch file that you’ve specified. Very much like the Scratch Files extension from v1, but you can define multiple scratches and they’ll be listed in Alfred v2’s new Feedback system. Keyword: scratch.
  • Thoughts. Like Scratch Files, this extension is meant to store simple text. Unlike Scratch Files, it stores them in a JSON-encoded file that isn’t as human-readable or portable as simple text. However, almost no configuration is required. Pick your poison. Keyword: think.
  • Create New File. Places a file in the frontmost Finder window. Summon Alfred and enter touch followed by a filename to create the file. To save a commonly-used file to Alfred’s Feedback list, select the option and enter a filename; the next time you enter touch, it’ll show up on the list. To place a file in a specific place, first tell Alfred to remember a path by selecting the appropriate menu option and entering the path, then enter touch [filename] at to display a list of stored paths where [filename] can be created. Hold down Command when pressing Return to open the file after it’s created; hold down Option when pressing Return to forget a stored favorite file or path.
  • iTunes Store. Searches it iTunes Music Store (keyword: its) or App Store (keyword: app), displaying the results in Alfred’s Feedback system.
  • Background Command. Enter $ and a command, without a space, to execute it without opening a Terminal window. Also in AlfPT.
  • Kobo Bookstore. Searches the Kobo bookstore.

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